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  Chinese Name:Guoqiang Zhang

  English Name: Eddy Zhang

  Sex: Male

  Born: 6/12/82

  University: Beijing University

  Major: Marketing

  Address: 328#, Beijing University

  Telephone: 1398****451

  Email: ****@163.com

  Job Objective:

  A Position offering challenge responsibility in the realm of consumer affairs or marketing.


  xxx-xxx Bejing University, College Of Commerce

  Graduating in July with a B. S. degree in Marketing.

  Fields of study include: economics, marketing, business law, statistics, calculus,psychology, sociology, social managerial concepts in marketing, consumer behavior, sales force management, product policy, marketing research forecast,marketing strategies.

  xxx-xxx The No.2 Middle School of Xi”an.

  Social Activities:

  xxx-xxx Secretary of the Class League Branch.

  xxx-xxx Class monitor.

  Summer Jobs:

  xxx Administrative Assistant in Sales Department of Xi”an Nokia Factory. Responsible for public relations, correspondence, expense reports, record keeping, inventory catalog.

  xxx Provisional employee of Sales Department of Xi”an Lijun Medical Instruments & Equipment (Holdings) Company. Responsible for sorting orders, shipping arrangemeents, deliveries.


  Internet-surfing, tennis, travel.

  English Proficiency:

  College English Test-Band Six.

  Computer Skills:

  Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

  References will be furnished upon request.


  Hu jiang


  (+86) 138-XXXX -XXXX

  Gender: Male

  Date of Birth:

  February. xxx


  Two summers of accounting-related experience; 78% average in accounting courses

  Excellent teamwork and leadership skills demonstrated as Chair of Events Committee; increased club’s membership over the last year

  Commended for high level of customer service as a Sales Associate for over three years



  Bachelor of Commerce

  University of Toronto Mississauga

  Specialist: Accounting/Finance and Economics

  Working toward completion of IACO 51 credit hours

  Maintaining 78% average in accounting courses


  Summers xxx, xxx

  Payroll Clerk

  Glaxo Wellcome

  Coordinated and implemented projects involving data collection, organization, computer input and data analysis

  Presented project findings as a five member team to senior management; resulted in company-wide policy changes for the Payroll/Finance Department

  Prepared monthly internal financial summaries for two large international customers

  Followed up on outstanding invoices by contacting customers



  Chair, Events Committee

  ISA (student cultural group) University of Toronto Mississauga

  Initiated and coordinated cultural events series, working collaboratively with up to 20 other students

  Planned time line, designed marketing and prepared budget

  200 students attended the three events with $500 over target raised

  Increased participation by 50% in xxx-xxx


  Sales Associate

  Athletes World

  Regularly exceed monthly sales goals

  Manage all customer interactions by listening attentively, determining their needs and making suitable recommendations

  Commended for high level of customer service and responsiveness to needs


  Peel Women’s Soccer Club


  Promoted to Team Captain in Summer xxx

  Encouraged members to perform aggressively, while maintaining fair play and good teamwork

  Scheduled practices with members and coaching staff

  Summer xxxx


  Liberty Cablesystems

  Promoted all cable services to existing and potential customers and achieved all sales targets

  Prepared invoices and other necessary paperwork on a timely basis


  Accpac, expert level of proficiency with Excel, Acces


  Professional knowledge and years of work experience and practical experience, I have accumulated a certain amount of work experience, and can work independently, good with people, team work and strong, energetic. Point your company for giving me the opportunity to first practice, I will take action and to prove to you, the only company to benefit from it. Aimed at training themselves, to their own platform for a show. The most important thing is the ability, I believe that your company will feel that I am a suitable candidate! Look forward to working with you face-to-face! The face of difficulties and then will use an optimistic attitude to deal with and face serious. Can bring benefits in the same time, I also hope that their work can be fun, learn more!

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