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  name: **

  nationality: chinese

  current location: guangzhou national: han

  exit and entry: hunan tall: 172 cm 65 kg

  marital status: single age: 22 years old

  training certification: integrity badge:

  job search intention and work experience

  personnel types: ordinary job

  position: landscape / horticulture categories: landscape design or construction design / advertising type of construction / real estate / property management

  work experience: 0 title: no title

  job type: full-time can be reported for duty - at any time

  monthly requirements: 1000 - 1500 hope that the working area: guangdong province, hunan and zhejiang

  personal experience: second year as a school e-sports association, the organization responsible for the work;

  college part-time computer sales;

  during the summer of xx plant survey conducted in hengshan practice;

  during the summer vacation in xx imperial garden in beijing survey practice;

  so far in october xx in guangzhou city, garden design institute internship linke.

  educational background

  graduate institutions: central south forestry university of science and technology

  highest level of education: graduate - xx-07-01

  studies by one: the school garden professional ii:

  by education and training experience: from september 1998 to june xx the first secondary school in changsha railway

  september xx to 7 in mid-xx, university of science and technology industry garden nanlin

  language ability

  foreign languages: english well

  mandarin level: the level of proficiency in cantonese: null

  the ability to work and other expertise

  performance of hand-painted with good graphics capabilities and the capacity of knowledge map;

  programming with the basic ability to skillfully use 3dmax, autocad, photoshop and other software;

  open and generous self-confidence, others sincere and have good communication skills and team spirit, a more agile way of thinking. serious patient care;

  love sports, have the physical stamina.

  at school during the school term, president of e-sports, is responsible for organizing various activities, as well as members to participate in various activities to raise sponsorship funds, and a good communicative ability and organizational skills;

  actively participate in school activities, such as the school emblem of the house design house collection, a variety of landscape design competition, various sports competitions.

  detailed personal autobiography

  open and generous self-confidence, others sincere and have good communication skills and team spirit. patient care seriously. able to endure hardship;

  love sports, have the physical stamina.

  for the garden landscape and the building industry as a whole, whether it is to do a design or construction, i do like it and were very keen to join the industry in the past.



  目前所在: 广州 年 龄: 21

  户口所在: 湛江 国 籍: 中国

  婚姻状况: 未婚 民 族: 汉族

  诚信徽章: 未申请 身 高: 168 cm

  人才测评: 未测评 体 重: 63 kg

  人才类型: 应届毕业生

  应聘职位: 园艺/园林/景观设计

  工作年限: 5 职 称: 初级

  求职类型: 实习 可到职日期: 随时

  月薪要求: 1500--XX 希望工作地区: 广东省,,

  毕业院校: 广州城建职业学院

  最高学历: 大专 获得学位: 毕业日期: XX-06

  专 业 : 园林工程技术

  起始年月 终止年月 学校(机构) 所学专业 获得证书 证书编号


  外语: 英语 一般 粤语水平: 一般


  国语水平: 一般