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  Nonimmigrant Visa Resume Template


  Date and country of birth:


  Name and date of birth of spouse: (if applicable)

  Names and dates of birth of children: (if applicable)

  Address and Contact information


  List here all universities and higher education institutions you have attended, starting with the most recent. You should include the following information:

  Name of university

  Dates of study

  Degree level

  Degree major and minors

  Area of research

  Title of thesis

  Work experience

  List here all paid and voluntary work you have performed and positions held, starting with the most recent. You should include the following information:

  Name of company, organization or institutions

  Job titles

  Dates of jobs

  Detailed area of responsibility, research interests, project descriptions and applications of research

  Expertise in special software, machinery op equipment

  Awards and patents

  Have you received/won any awards related to your research or work at university or at work? Please list these.

  Do you hold any patents? List name, patent number and year registered.

  List of publications

  List here all your publications you have published in China and overseas.

  Include the title of the published article, the date it was published and the name of the magazine, newspaper, book, etc it was published in.

  Other outside interests/experience List here any clubs you belong to, any memberships you hold, your interests and hobbies

  Other skills

  For example computer skills, languages you speak, driver's license or other permits, etc


  Have you ever traveled overseas? List countries, purpose and dates of travel

  Statement of Intent

  For students and exchange scholars:

  Proposed Study

  Give a brief but detailed description of proposed area of study, including research methods and applications of the research

  State supervisor's/professor's name and his/her area of expertise

  State institution and department where this research is to be done

  For business-related travel:

  Proposed schedule

  State names of contacts in the US, including the name of the company, their job title and area of expertise/business

  Include an itinerary of travel detailing dates, cities to be visited, companies and people to be visited in each city

  Detailed content, site and length of any training to be attended as well as applications of this training

  Details of conferences, meetings, exhibitions with dates, contact info and purpose of attending.